Irregular Cycles :-

It is also called a period cycle which happen with every women on earth. It happen mainly with those laying in age group 12- 50. However it is a monthly cycle but sometime sooner or later as well. Every month women body prepare for pregnancy but due to non conceive she started her period in the form of bleeding where her uterus or womb shades  lining . As it is a natural process but sometimes happen in dynamic ways it mean it happen on regular interval then normal.

Menstrual Problem:-

However a natural thing happen with all the women yet there re some problem attached to it which is as follow:-


Heavy Periods:-

It is also called menorrhagia, in case of heavy periods women bleed more than normal. A women may also have her period longer then average 5 or seven days.The problem of heavy period is due to imbalance in hormones levels, called progesterone and estrogen.


Vaginal Infection :-

Other menstrual problem which attached to women problem is her vaginal infection In case of her vagina is infected she might tend to have menstrual problem as she would bleed more which ultimately let her in pain and weakness.

Poor Diet:-

sometimes poor diet is also become the cause of menstrual problem .


Besides above all the most important menstrual problem is the absent of period cycle without preganancy and that case is not good for a women health. This problem may happen due to blockage of uterus pipe.Issue with pituitary gland may also affect women with the absent of her period cycle.


Pain in  menstruation :-

It is a common menstruation problem in many women cramps are normal during PMS and they also occur when your uterus contracts  as your period begins.


Ayurveda Treatment :-

As per Ayurveda it is all a natural thing and should not considered a problem yet there is need to cure if any problem occure with women menstruation and for that there are many useful medicine are available in Ayurveda to help the women in their Menstruation cycle.

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