A breast lump is a localized swelling, protuberance or bulge in the breast that feels different from the breast tissue around it.

Now a days a problem of breast lumps is at peak it means the problem of breast lumps is spreading like a fire in the society and this is happening because of our changing environment and imbalance hormones.

Though breast tissues are present In both men and women but a women is more prone to affect with this problem of breast lumps.

It has been found that some babies also develop breast lumps due to estrogen she get from her mother during birth.

Causes of Breast Lumps:

There are different reasons why breast lumps develop, and most are not cancerous.

Breast lumps can be caused by infections, injuries, non-cancerous growths like fibroadenoma and cyst, fat necrosis, fibrocystic and it can be cancerous also.

Finding a lump in your breast can cause a lot of anxiety. Most breast lumps, particularly in younger women, are not caused by cancer. Generally benign or non cancerous lumps are painful whereas breastcancer include painless breast lumps, nipple discharge, and inflammation of the skin of the breast.

Type of Breast lumps

A breast cyst is a benign, or noncancerous, fluid-filled sac in the breast. It usually feels smooth and rubbery under the skin. they may develop in response to hormones related to menstruation.

Abscesses sometimes develop in the breast. They can be painfulthey are usually caused by bacteria. Nearby breast skin can become red, and it can feel hot or solid. Women who are breast feeding are more likely to develop breast abscesses.

Fibroadenomas are generally round and firm with smooth borders.

Intraductal papillomas are wart-like growths that develop in the ducts of the breast. They tend to develop under the nipple. Sometimes there is a bloody discharge.

If fatty tissue in the breast becomes damaged or broken down, fat necrosis may occur. They may be painful.

A lipoma is soft, noncancerous lump that is generally movable and painless. It is a benign, fatty tumor.

Cause of this disease can be any but the common is a tumor or lump inside the breast  chock the milk duct which ultimately cause the problem.

Causes of Breast Lumps


There may any check point of breast lumps but self examination of your breast is most important.

A self examination is recommended for each woman, every month.

The following guidelines will help:

  1. Looking in a mirror, check the size, shape, and color and look for visible swellings or lumps
  2. Raise the arms and repeat step 1
  3. Check for any discharge from the nipples that may be watery, milky, yellow, or with blood
  4. Feel the breasts with a firm, smooth motion while lying down, including under the arms and down to the ribcage
  5. Repeat step 4 while standing or sitting.

A women always aware of her breast and if at any point of time she feels something unusual she should consult a doctor. Mammography is also helpful in detecting the lumps.

Treatment is possible for these breast lumps but treatment is acc to the cause. So consult your doctor as soon as you see something unusual in the breast.

Treat With Ayurveda:-

Ayurveda uses the inherent power of natural herbs to bring about wonderful results on the human body. The herbs are 100% safe and natural. Ayurveda helps to naturally enhance the body functioning in an herbal way. The Herbs for BREAST lumps in ayurveda help stop the abnormal growth of cells and help regenerate normal healthy body cells.

Acc to Ayurveda, ‘GRANTHI’ (lumps) can be present in any part of body.The word grantis is derived from word granthitha which literally means knotted. The etiological factors constitute the vitiated doshas which in turn affect the blood, muscular tissue and fatty tissue. Kapha slowly accumulates at the site where muscular and fatty tissue are vitiated and gives rise to round , elevated and slightly nodular swelling which is termed as granthi. If Kapha aggravates along with Vata dosh than severe pain is present in it. And if Kapha aggravates along with pitta dosh than pain, itching, redness, rashes and abcess is found.

But nothing to worry. Yes 100% treatment of breast lumps is available in Ayurveda itself. There are many useful herbs are available in the nature by which various useful medicines are being develop. These medicine are 100% pure and vegetarian and has no any side effect on the body and so we at Bengali Dawakhana has also adopt that kind of medication process to cure patients with such problem of breast Lumps.But one thing that is sure sort one must take care their problem of breast best before time so that remedies could be available to them on time for quick reddressal of the problem.


There are various ways which can be used to get the beneficial effects from breast lumps even at home.Natural and home-made remedies like breast compresses, massages and exercises can go a long way in providing relief from painful breast lumps. Several herbal therapies can easily be prepared at home and used for treating breast lumps and the discomfort associated with it. These home made preparations can be very effective in treating breast lumps by balancing the hormone levels.

  • Hydrotherapy :     Hot and cold hydrotherapy is regarded as one of the most effective means of addressing problems related to breast lumps. A stream of water applied for minimum 2 min at the breasts and underarms can significantly help in lessening the lumps. It can be alternated with hot and cold streams for obtaining maximum benefit and effect. This alternating stream can be applied for as long as 20 minutes for obtaining best results.
  • Exercise :      Exercise is also another effective way of treating breast lumps. Running and rebounding are the best exercises in treatment of breast lumps. The lymphatic system of the body gets exercised by undertaking these physical activities and it noticeably reduces lumps, apart from toning the lymph system.
  • Breast massage:   It is also the very effective method of reducing breast lumps. massage with coconut oil is the best way to reduce lumps. Coconut oil is source of vitamin E and gentle massage also generates some heat which helps to dissolve the lumps .Lymphatic massage is also very useful in treating the lumps.
  • Hot compresses:    Compresses with the hot cloth or hot water bottle are also very effective.
  • Vitamin E:    Foods rich in vitamin E such as almonds, sun flower oil, peanuts, dried apricots, nuts , fish help in reducing lumps. Vitamin E helps in reducing muscular stress, thereby regulating the natural blood and lymphatic flow, results in reducing lumps.
  • Natural Diuretics:    Natural diuretics such as cucumber, cabbage help in removing extra fluids, thereby decrease swelling caused by breast lump.

Why Bengali Dawakhana :-

If above ways cannot give you the desirable results, then consulting a doctor is must to find out the exact cause. Bengali Dawakhana is pioneer in providing best treatment of breast lumps and by adopting the Ayurveda the solution of all kind of problem.  We have achieved success in delivering quality treatment.