Addiction is defined as the continued compulsive use of drugs despite adverse health or social consequences and Withdrawal is the physical and/or psychotic disorders developed by drug addicts after they stop taking drugs or reduce their dose.

Addiction is one of the curse to society as it has destroyed many families. People effected with addiction are not liked anywhere whether his family or society he is considered a social evils everywhere. An addict person is so indulge in taking narcotics and other intoxicating things that he forgot about his family, love and even his child. The only thing which he can relay upon are his drugs.

Addiction can be of any type –

*May it be drinking  liquor

*Excessive smoking

*Or it may be related to many abusive drugs intake like heroine , brown sugar etc.

It may be of any kind but the effect of all are bad and worse. People effected with it are considered inactive part of any society so they have no role in society development.

Reason of Addiction:-

Mental Pressure.:
With continue mental pressure, people start having intoxicating things to reduce their pressure. In small doses, drugs or alcohol relieve the pressure by slowing down the brain activity but eventually it become their habits. In high doses they affect the neurotransmitters and affect the functioning of brain. So patient always remain with depression or anxiety. This is addiction.

Regular Intake of Intoxication.:-
Having narcotics and other intoxicating thing in limit is not bad but regular doing so is harmful to every person and sometimes regular intake of intoxication leads a person towards addiction.

Family Background:-

It is one of the important aspect which affect someone habit. If a person lives in such environment leading to this habits are more prone to have addiction problem.

Health problems caused by excessive drinking include liver disease, digestive problems, heart problems, diabetes complications, sexual problems, eye problems, bone loss, neurological complications, weakened immune system and increased risk of cancer.

Ayurveda Treatment

In ayurveda ‘madatyaya’ is given, which is known as addiction.

Alcoholic drinks are prepared of different types of ingredients; they have different qualities and actions, and they are intoxicating in nature. Therefore, they have both useful and harmful effects.
If taken in an appropriate manner, in a right dose, at an appropriate time, along with a cheerful mind, alcohol works like ambrosia. But if taken regularly and in excess, it acts like poison.

There is a saying –     ‘ Excess of everything is bad’

In excess quantity , alcohol afflicts the ojas which is located in heart.

Ojas is a quantifiable liquid in the body, responsible for overall health, energy and liveliness.

It is responsible for

– Health maintenance and health promotion
– Fight and prevent disease

So we can call it as immunity.

Heart is the seat of the channels of the rasa(plasma), vata, psyche, wisdom, senses, soul and primary ojas. Hence by excessive drinking or drug consumption  consequent damage of ojas thereby, heart as well as the dhatus located there, get affected.

First stage of intoxication starts when the heart is stimulated but the ojas is not affected; the second stage comes when the ojas is damaged and the third stage comes when ojas is damaged severely.

When the heart is overpowered by the properties of alcohol  thirst, enjoyment, happiness and other peculiar mental aberrations arise giving rise to mental distortions, culminating in unconsciousness due to excessive drinking. This condition is called as madatyaya or addiction.

Some of the steps can be taken at home to reduce the adverse effects of alcohol  :

First step is vomiting, so that excessive alcohol can be removed from the body to reduce its side effects.

Some side effects can be controlled by diet. Alcoholism reduces appetite and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This is why most alcoholics suffer from nutritional deficiencies. The body needs many vitamins and minerals to overcome the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

  1. Vitamin B12 rich foods like green leafy vegetables helps to improve liver functioning and stop alcohol cravings.
  2. Vitamin C rich foods like lemon, orange improves brain functioning and reduce your interest in alcohol.
  3. Amino acids i.e. protein rich food helps to stabilize your mood, which in turn will help break the addiction cycle.
  4. Avoid caffeine, sugar and nicotine, which can contribute to the urge to drink.
  5. Meditation and yoga also helps to control brain signals for urge, thus controls addiction.

If still addiction persists, ayurveda addiction treatment are available in best possible ways. There are multiples of drugs who claim to be effected in resolving addiction problem along with the motivating sessions. And so keeping the view in consideration we at Bengali Dawakhana has created such a great infrastructure which assist the patients positively, besides our ayurveda.  Medicine are made up of may useful herbs which has the leading power to heal the lost stamina and assist the person in give up of his intoxicating habits.

Secondly, we have a team of highly experienced counsellor who provide best to best training to patients and help them in letting up their addiction.