Gonorrhea a kind of sexually transmitted diseases happen due to bacterial infection.It spread though person to person by doing unprotected oral , anal or vaginal sex. Now a days it has been seen that people have multiples no. of partner and often indulge in unprotected sex where they don’t use condom and that’s the reason why such people are more prone to be affected with Gonorrhea.

However a STD disease symptoms of Gonorrhea sometime occur with great risk of having infectious disease and another time a person may be affected with Gonorrhea without having any symptoms which is also a bad ones as that kind of person may also affect others easily as he is himself unaware of his problem. So at one point it is considered a serious bacterial problem where infections becomes the major cause of Gonorrhea.

A week sufficient to show if there is any infection prevails in men and women , that means at first infection begins to show the starting point of disease.

However there are many other symptoms of Gonorrhea are as follow:-

Frequent Urination.

Itching at the tip of the Panis.

Swelling and redness at the opening point of the Panis.

Sore throat.

Side effect of Gonorhea : –

In Gonorhea specially the two urethra and testicles are affected and because of this pain also spread to the rectum.

In case of women if affected with Gonorrhea may also develop some kind of symptoms like burning sensation while urination and may also experience sore throat , pain and fever also.A women may also experience discharge of sticky , whitish, and green substance.

Drawbacks of Gonorrhea:-

However it may affect men and women both but women are at more risk where her reproductive system got damaged due to Gonorrhea. Because of Gonorrhea a problem of infertility occur in women and that becomes a serious concern for them.

Treatment :-

Gonorrhea treatment is most necessary as if not taken with care it may spread to others also and due to it people life become dull. Various types of treatment is available around  the world but the most important one is Ayurveda Treatment where a patients can get 100% sure result to cure their problem easily.

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