Leucoderma is very bad diseases as it’s related to skin problem.There are various skin problem we have heard about but this one is something very unique type. Under Leucoderma a person lost his skin colour gradually.A kind of white patches first appear on a person skin in form of small point but after a period of time it is dynamically spread all over the body and face. A person affected with Leucoderma is not look good due to white patches over his face or body, however there is no health effect of it but a skin problem which should be addressed soon to cure it otherwise it can not be control.

Causes Leading to Leucoderma:-

There is always be a cause for some effect and so various causes are also here which lead Leucoderma. Causes which lead Leucoderma are stress, chronic gestric problem, improper liver function etc.

Indication Of Leucoderma:-

  1. White Patches.
  2. Premature graying of scalp hair and eyeless.

Ayurveda Vision :-

As per the perspective of Ayurveda the problem of Leucoderma is due to worsen of Pitta dosha.when pitta worsen then it leads to accumulation of various toxins under the deep layer of skin which ultimately cause leucoderma.
According to one view of Ayurveda there are five pitta and amongst them Bhrajak is only pitta which gives colouration to skin, so when there is any imbalance in bhrajak pitta colouration of skin is done gradually and then spread all over the body.

Aggravated pitta is the result of poor digestion and excess tension. this pitta affects the bharajak pitta and results in leucoderma. As mentioned above it happen due to the accumulation of toxins under deep layer of skin and so when a person having poor digestive system and his food rest undigested then various toxins started to formulate into our body and which may lead to leucoderma.

Treatment :-

Nothing is better treatment then to improve our digestive system. If our digestive system is strong then the problem will not happen ever. However there is best to best treatment of Leucoderma is available in Ayurveda. We at Bengali Dawakhana provide best quality natural ayurveda treatment to our patients. With medication there is best yoga practices are also available to cure the patients to great extent.Our medicine are made with blend of various herbs.