Though Vaginal discharge is a normal course of action in women. It is a natural machanism by which a Vagina maintain hormonal or chemical balance and to preserve the flexibility of vaginal tissue.But that similar vaginal discharge sometime considered a serious problem when a whitish or yellowish discharge come out of the vagina with a foul smell and itching. this condition is know as leucorrhea. The discharge in case of Leucorrhea can keep occurring year to year and when such condition prevails the vaginal discharge become more yellowish and smelling.
Though it is not a big issue but should be resolved at the earliest. Some women in ignorance skip it’s treatment which proves dangerous to them in return , so to avoid any serious injuries because of Leucorrhea one must take some precaution and consult a good doctor as early treatment is as important as your life.

Causes of Leucorrhea :-

  1. Fungal Infections
  2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs)
  3. Unhygienic toilet habits
  4. Problems with the Cervix
  5. Problems with the Pelvis
  6. Diseases such as Tuberculosis or Anemia
  7. Stress & Tensions
  8. Improper Diet habits
  9. Harmonal Imbalance
  10. Dirty Undergarments

Types of Leucorrhea:-

There are mainly three kinds of Leucorrhea areas follow.

  • Physiologic Leucorrhea :- It is not a serious one but should be treat asap.
  • Rousing Leucorrhea:- It happens due to a bacterial infection in vagina and due to this ,vagina discharge a yellowish material with a bad odor.  Infection can be due many causes like due to uti,  STD (sexual transmitted diseases), some uterine procedures .
  • Parasitick Leocorrhoea:- when a women feel itching and some inflamation sensation then it is a simple sign of such kind of Leucorrhea.

Symptoms of Leucorrhea:-

  • Weakness & Lethargy
  • Sticky & Thick white colored discharge from the Vagina b/w the periods
  • Feel Headache and  Pain in calf muscle & in lumbar region
  • Presence of Dark patches under eyes
  • Problem of indigestion
  • Excess irritation & inflammation in genital areas.

Treatment :-

As related with Vaginal infection then nothing is better then self caring of your self but one should not ignore the bad effect of it also if occur at huge so anyone effected with should take some advice form a highly experienced doctor and we at jeeven clinic has a best quality treatment to cure such kind of thing in better ways.

We at Bengali Dawakhana has wide range of natural herbal medicine which proves 100% beneficial to those affected with Leukorrhea.

Why Ayurveda:-

Here the question must be popping in your mind why we have refer ayurveda here because it is only considered a best kind of medicine which is helpful in providing a good quality treatment to patient.And we so  bengali dawakhana provides only Ayurveda medication to our patients.