There are many useful organ we have in our body and Liver is one of the important one. Why Liver is so important for a human being as it work to keep as healthy from harmful chemical produced by our own body.Another most important work of Liver is to break our food and help in digestion there is liquid in liver called Bile duct which is very helpful in this in nutshell Liver is our best friend indeed.

Liver enlargement:-

Though it is an important organ of our body but in today time there are many liver related disease has come up in the society and problem of liver enlargement is one of them. Liver enlargement is actually a problem where the size of liver extend because of swelling in it. The Swelling may take place due to any infection or people living habits.Hepatitis is also a cause to the problem of Liver enlargement. When there is problem in liver it swelled beyond it’s normal size and create a problem to patients.

Symptoms :-

In case if you have a very slight extension or increase in liver size then you won’t feel anything but if there is more swelling or pain you may notice following changes in you.

Stomach discomfort



Weight Loss


If you are affected with Liver enlargement then you must have to follow some precaution before hand so that you may be able to avoid the situation.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks:-

Alcoholic consumption should be stopped to avoid the condition of Liver enlargement and if there is more urge of drinking that should be in moderate.

Eat less Spicy :- Eating more and more spicy food leads a person to liver enlargement so always try to eat less spicy product so that your liver will stay in rest most of time and by this it can be healthy for long.

Don’t use fast food :- yes it is also a very important precaution that one must follow to keep his liver healthy and wealthy all the time as fast food damage our liver more than any other meals we eat.

Ayurveda view :-

According to Ayurveda Liver is a core part of our body and should be cleaned all the time it mean lot of care is required to keep it healthy for long. Our liver is helpful in cleaning the blood in our body. In ayurveda there is plant called Aloevera which juice is very very helpful in Liver enlargement.daily consumption of Aloevera is good to our liver as it keeps our liver cool all the time and facilitate it to be strong.