About Paraphilia

Mental problem may be of many types sometime it is related to some strange behaviour and sometime due to other factors.It may be of any types but in all people effected with it disturbed other also.

Paraphilia is one of the problem which is actually associated with a person illegal sexual activities. A person effected with this problem have great urge of sex with objects like underwear, shoes , and other hard object.Illegal sexual terms are also involved in Paraphilia as the person effected with it generally misbehave with child or children of age group 13 years or younger than that. Under this the men behaviour includes undressing the child , encouraging the child to watch wile masturbating, touching or fondling the child genitals and even forcefully attempting to have sexual activity with them.So from the society point of view also this is one of the great social abuse and can not be accepted anywhere.

People affected with it have sexual urges associated with things of non living nature like underwear, women shoes. It is also a problem when a affected person aroused by a body part also like breast , buttock etc.

However causes of Paraphilia are still not clear but it is considered that It may be due to any sexual abuse with the affected during his childhood .Another reason which gives birth to this bloody problem is society itself, something might be happened with the person in past so that he do such thing in real.It may begins any time but commonly develop in someone during their adolescene or adulthood.

Treatment :-

As it is nothing but a mental disorder so it can be cured only by proper therapy and counselling by experts. Medicine may assist one in decreasing the level of Paraphilia. Ayurveda has also many remedies for Paraphilia. But it is always recommended to a person facing this problem must consult a professional before hurting someone.