However it is good for a men to have a hard Penis while doing sexual intercourse with his loving partner as all female partner are always happy if her sexual partner is enough to have a hard Penis. But in many cases it has been found that even after having intercourse Penis always hard for long period of time it stay hard in the absence of any stimulation or after stimulation that is not good and proves painful to  person  and so the real happiness of person goes to blind alley. Now a days this problem of Penis erection for long period has increased to a large extent and so the problem called priapism. Priapism is such a problem with men Penis where there is more flow of blood to Penis and that stay there for long time but in the absence of optimum oxygen to blood in Penis the problem of Priapism occur and create a problem to men.

Causes of Priapism :-

As it is well known to you all that Priapism is due to choking of blood to Penis veins for long time. But what exactly the cause of this Priapism is important . There may be any cause of this problem but the important one is medication which include men intake of narcotics product like cocaine , cannabis etc. Other is sickle cell diseases which is another leading cause to Priapism.

Other causes are  :-

Neurological disorder

Deficiency in glucose – 6 phosphate

Diseases of Rabies

Symptoms of Priapism:-

Damage to Penile tissue- Due to blood stay in Penis for long without oxygen can cause damage to penile tissue.

Problem in erecting Penis- due to Priapism the problem of erectile dysfunction may occur with someone.

Penile Gangrene – that is one of the dangerous thing which may be done with someone.

Treatment :-

However Priapism is always treated with one kind of surgery which has to be done by a urologist at . but that is not so in all cases if this problem of Priapism identified early then medication cal also be helpful in curing such a painful diseases.

Ayurvedic View:-

Ayuveda says our body is also a part of nature which is a conglomerate of different things like bones, intestine , muscles etc. anything produced by our body in the form of any waste or another one are due to  a regular process of our body so any problem occur with any part of our body is o be cure with the nature itself .however it is a noticeable that surgery is recommendable in most of the cases for priapism but in Ayurveda there are many wonderful  herbs that are very useful to fight with this problem and so we Bengali dawakhana has made a goodwill in market due to the implementation of Ayurvedic medication process which has cured many person diseases in better ways.