Sex and Yoga


Sex life is as important as our lives it is every person desires to have wonderful sex experience with his or her sex partner but many time times due to some internal health problem like lower metabolism, weak nerved system  this dreams got vanished. Due to industrialization and busy life schedule people are affected with many sex problems like erectile dysfunction , loss of libido, Premature ejaculation and many more. People all over the world are complaining about their sex problem which they have triggered. However sex problem may be of many kinds but to have successful sex life with partner it is important to find out some better solution for it’s cure and so multiples people approaching sexologist for their sex problem as without the consultancy from a certified doctor it is only to going in blind alley.

Yoga – The ultimate solution :- It is only the yoga which can heal any kinds of problem related to sex but the important thing is that one must pay his concentration properly on various below given yoga for his or her sex problem .So the Yoga is not only great but is a best and amazing stress reliever and by some certain postures one may improve flexibility , increase blood flow, and open heart.

Here are some useful Yoga posture that one may done to improve his sex life.

Cat /Cow stretch :-

This Yoga postures is important for your sex life because it strengthened your Kegel muscles which contact during orgasm.

To do this cat cow stretch yoga postures first you need to being on hand and knee , with shoulders directly over wrists and hips directly over knees.

Thereafter inhale and slowly and arch back , lifting chest away from belly and extending tailbone toward ceiling.

And finally release feet so top are resting on floor . Exhale and round lower backup cat generally contracting belly .

Cobra :-

That is another beneficial yoga for better sex life and this has proved to many in positive ways to do this yoga postures one must follow some below given step by step instruction to have it’s better result.

Lie on belly with forehead touching the ground

Draw legs simultaneously and stretch them out , pressing tops of feet into floor.

Press hands down and finally using the power of your back slowly lift chest off floor , rolling shoulder down back you can use your arm as your supporter hold for 10-20 sec. breathing evenly and then gently and slowly release to ground.

Benefits of Cobra Exercise :-

This yoga pose work as heart pores opener

Ideal for couples


Downward facing dogs