Vaginitis or Vaginal discharge is a problem of excess discharge wherein a women experience or feel itching , burning or swelling around the vagina.Vaginitis occur in women due to some kind of bacterial infection and such infection cause abnormal colour (yellowish ) discharge out of vagina. As Vaginitis is a infection and that infection with heavy discharge considered good sometime for reproductive system is women , but if that occur time and again it is a problem and need a precaution to avoid any further trouble.

Causes of Vaginitis:-

Lining of Vagina – It is on of the cause of Vaginitis wherein vagina gets thinner due to decreasing level of estrogen during female menopause.

Excessive growth of Bacteria – It is also a cause by which the amount of bacteria increased and leads to vaginitis.

Fungal Infection – Vaginitis may be happen due to yeast that cause fungal infection.

Besides all above cause infection is a leading cause of vaginitis where common ones are gonorrhea, Chlamydia, mucoplasma, herps etc.

However a infectious disease but it is not always as bad as we considered because in many cases it has been found that during pregnancy a women is more prone to have such kind of problem.sometime wearing tight pants or underwear may also lead to this Vaginal problem.Apart from all if a women is affected with diabetes or sugar is at high risk of having vaginitis.

Ayurveda View and Treatment :-

One of the greatest point of view of Ayurveda is that nothing is better than cleanliness of your Vagina as it is the only thing to get you rid out of this vaginal infection an for this one may use following herbs like neem, turmeric etc which play a vital role in fixing the problem effectively. According to Ayurveda the exact cause of it is still unknown but one thing for sure is that it is due to some fungal infection which need to be cured with caution.